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Breakup and Relationship Issues

by Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru & by Glass Slipper Publishing

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Free Tips on Getting Your Ex Back

Free and Valuable tips on how to win your ex back...ENJOY!...

Free Tips on How to Win Your Ex Back
by Tigress Luv & Glass Slipper Publishing


How to Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend or How to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend: Tips to Help You Stop Your Breakup and Get Back Together


Wouldn't you LOVE to get tips on how to get your ex back and how to get back together with your ex and win them back for good? Of course, you would! Well, now you can stop your break up and you can get your ex back in your arms - where they belong!

Wouldn't you love to have your partner want to be with you, deeply in love with you, and happily faithful by your side? Get the most valuable tips on re-uniting ever from


Hello, everyone! This week I would like to offer you these Free and Valuable tips on how to win your ex back...ENJOY!



Make the effort to comprehend your ex's perspective.

Take a good, long look at all the things that are happening in his or her life and try to recognize how the relationship may have not been fulfilling or advantageous for them.

By truly understanding that your ex is not out to hurt you, but rather to find their own personal peace and happiness, may help you get through this painful event. Too many people think that the cure to the pain caused by their breakup is to 'get back together and win ex back'. In actuality, the cure to their grief and their hurt is to understand and accept their ex's choices to dissolve the relationship and to find forgiveness for their ex for hurting them, and by learning to recognize their own grief triggers and working through them on their own. Truly win ex back by seeing their side to the breakup!


Apathy does a very uncanny thing to our exes. It makes them wonder why we don't appear to care that they are no longer in our lives. Consequently, they will begin to feel quite alone, insignificant, and insecure without this acknowledgment of them, and this creates in them an emotional need to have you back in their lives, or to regain your love and acceptance once more. So, ironically, one good way to win ex back is to not want them back.


Stop hauling your bitter, sad life story around with you everywhere you go. Studies find that happy, smiling people are considered far more desirable to the opposite sex. Think about it - are you drawn to depressed bitter people? No! And why would your ex want to be around you if you are dragging your sack of issues with you every single time they see you? By being beautiful both inside and out and by getting rid of negativity you create a certain radiance about you that is simply irresistible. Ironically, almost all people who broke off a relationship said that the underlying cause of the breakup was simply because the other party was too demanding, depressing, needy, or miserably unhappy all the time, creating a sense of unease and stress when they were around them. Their partners no longer brought them joy.

So paint a smile on your face and show them pearly whites! No matter how wretchedly unhappy you probably feel inside at this sad time in your life try to put your grief, bitterness, and sadness aside and morph into that magnetic, radiant person that just emanates optimism and attracts people to them like moths to a light. This happiness will go a long way to win ex back!

I know that it is hard to be happy when your whole world is turned upside down without them by your side. Most likely if your ex initiated the breakup they are handling it better than you. They know that they could probably win you back if they wanted, and they are not dealing with the pain of rejection or of abandonment as you may be. Add to this, they might be in a 'pulling away' mode, which takes some strategic actions on your side to get them to come back around to wanting to be near you and not 'away' from you. This is discussed more at Stop Ending Relationships (, a more detailed study on the best way to win ex back.


Negative emotions run high during a breakup. However, if you display anger, blame, shaming, or contempt you may just be reminding them of exactly why they chose to leave the relationship.

Remain neutral, calm and in control of your negative emotions. Display a true understanding, patience, charm, and sweetness. After all, you want them to see that there is quite a bit of value in being with want to win them back with charm and class so display some emotional intelligence!


Cease all the ugly begging, sobbing, pleading, and blatant hopelessness. Don't phone them, send them Hallmarks, letters or emails, or any kind of instant messenger or text message. It will not only make you look unworthy and make you feel pathetic, it will prove to them that you truly are of absolutely no value to them. If you show your ex that you have no value without him or her, your ex will only see that you, yourself, have 'zero' value period. You will not win ex back this way - you will only end up making yourself appear more unattractive in his or her eyes and push them even farther away from you then they already are. Why validate to them that their decision to end the relationship with you was the right one, after all?

Totally, completely and truly love you with all your might, heart, and soul. Your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend will only love and respect you that much more if you truly love and respect you. Win ex back by showing that you don't really need them back!



Exercise, change yourself for the better, improve your health, improve your outlook, improve your mind. Improve your attitude!

Be and look your best!

Then move on with this new you. Make them curious. Make them want to meet you all over again.

Remember, you ARE single again. So get out there and enjoy being free. There is a world of living waiting for you so have some fun! Win your ex back by being a truly irresistible human being!


Part of the strategy to grow yourself involves becoming a whole new and better person - one they want to be with and one you feel good about. Once you have improved on you you want to captivate them back to you. To keep him or her captivated to you, you need to keep you hidden, obscure, and unrevealed to them. You need to keep some part of yourself forbidden territory - so completely off limits to them that they can only imagine what mysteries abound. People are mesmerized by a person's enchanting and bewitching mystery.

So, don't let the 'new-improved' you be an open book! Win ex back by being an enticing enigma!


Men need to learn to be more masculine and women need to learn to be more feminine. The more feminine a woman is the more manly a man feels when he is with her - and the more he will want to be with her. The more masculine a man is around a woman the more she will feel feminine when around him and the more she will desire to be with him. Stop trying to match the opposite sex thinking that you are pleasing them that way and start getting back in touch with your true identity.

Men, for more help with this you definitely need to read and women must read, The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave! or because the way to win ex back is to make a man feel more like a man or make a woman feel more like a woman. Stop being their 'friend' if you ever want to be their lover! You can find more information on how to stop being just a friend at


Whether you curl up in a ball and watch the world pass by or you get off your arse and join it, things are going to be exactly the way they are going to be. So you might as well enjoy life. It has the added benefit of making your ex stand up and take notice of you again! Win ex back by not laying down and dying from the loss of them in your life. Keep living, and keep living well!


It's none of your business and will most likely hurt you - and your chances of re-uniting. Don't ask your ex's family or friends about him or her. Don't drive by their workplace. Don't give them your unsolicited advice or feedback.

Let them go and give them back to themselves. You will be much more attractive this way, and you will feel much better, too. Win ex back by allowing them to be who they are without interfering in their life or tracking them like a stalker. After all, who would want to be with a stalker?


As stated before, one's lack of respect in oneself is a very unattractive quality. Learn to respect yourself and do not hurt yourself by continuously placing yourself in hurtful situations. The only person you need in your life to feel good about you is you. Win ex back by respecting you.


Although it may have come as a surprise to you when you suddenly found yourself 'single' again, relationships do not crumble overnight. You must learn to be patient, as regaining your love back is not going to happen overnight, either. Win ex back by allowing time to come between the two of you!

Of course, these tips don't work on everybody, and there may be more to your breakup and the issues surrounding it than you know. Sometimes winning your ex back takes more than simply following the above tips! We offered you these free tips on how to win an ex back - but remember that these tips pertain to most normal breakups, however your breakup may be unique and for this BETTER TIPS ARE AVAILABLE AT 'HOW TO STOP A BREAKUP AND GET AN EX BACK ('


Remember the one who invests more in the relationship is the one who hurts the most and grieves the longest, but time truly does heal all wounds. As I always say, "one-hundred years from now it won't matter anyway".

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Today's Inspiration, Poem or Quote:

"Stop being a bitch if you want him to hitch: Many relationships fail because women tend to do too much 'expecting' and not enough 'accepting'" ~Tigress Luv

Today's Prayer or Thought:

"Just for today stop 'expecting' things from your partner and learn to accept and let go of those little things about your partner that drive you mad. Partners are often times way too hard on each other. Just for today tolerate and accept all those little quirks and faults in your partner. You will find that your relationship will be smoother, peaceful, more loving and more fulfilling than ever before.."

Just a reminder that our Breakup Support Forums & Community has room for you! Membership is only $19 to YOU at !

Thank you for reading this week's newsletter! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY FREE TIPS AND ADVICE; I hope it helps you win your ex back and get back together with him or her. As always, we welcome feedback and new ideas for future newsletters.

Have a great week everyone!

Article published by Tigress Luv & Glass Slipper Publishing, the Breakup Gurus. For more breakup advice and forums please join us at the Lifted Hearts Breakup Support Forums & Community at

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