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Love and sad and touching poem, short sad poem


They Don't Understand

(16-yr-old Missy Melynda's MySpace Network of Friends)
 Dedicated in Memory of Robin

They visit her MySpace page,
They write
"RIP Missy Mel"
"We love you"
"We will miss you"
"I can't believe u'r gone"

They don't understand
she wanted to be a cheerleader this year
she has a new backpack
with hearts she drew on it

She was supposed to get married
some day
and have children
see new movies
hear new songs
grow old

Eat Thanksgiving dinner with family
and friends
get hurt
fall in love
get angry

Name a new puppy
that she were to have fallin' in love with at the pet store
buy those new shoes
and feel guilty about it
see her daughter's recital
and her son in the Christmas play
then come home
and decorate their tree together

She was supposed to hold her daughter's hand
while her grandchild was born
and love them
bake them cookies
and dream
of tomorrow

They don't understand
It's all too final
her unfinished life

"Good bye, Missy Mel
"You'll always be loved"

Goodbye Robin, Rest In Peace

Tigress Luv &
 Glass Sipper Publications



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