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Rebounding After a Breakup - Go for It!

What's With All This Anti-Rebound Relationship Bunk?!

By Tigress Luv

Whoever said rebound relationships are bad, ought to have their head examined!

Here are five GREAT things about rebound relationships (and why you ought to get in one!)

1) Rebound relationships save face. Yours.

Rebounds are a great way to repair a damaged ego and to regain the loss of self-esteem that often results from the rejection of someone we loved. A shattered ego is an all too familiar after-effect left behind from a breakup, and finding someone who thinks you are the cat's meow can make a huge difference in mending your broken spirit.

2) Rebound relationships have a way of allowing you to see just how 'non-important' your ex really was.

What happens is that when someone breaks up with us we tend to subconsciously give them more 'heart-power'. After all, anyone who can so turn your entire world upside down and inside out must have an upper or supreme power over us, right? Wrong! Ironically, we tend to build our exes up, instead of tear them down, when they reject us. But a rebound relationship with a GREAT new person can show you exactly what a putz your ex really was. A new hottie is exactly what you need to be able to see your ex for the real person - flaws and all - that they really are, and not the god or goddess that your broken, rejected heart has made them out to be.

3) Rebound relationships get us 'out of our cocoon'.

Of course, there is nothing more depressing than moping around your home, box of tissue in one hand, quart of ice cream in the other, grieving about our loss and tenderly patting our heart on its broken little back, hoping to never see daylight again. We keep the curtains tightly drawn, the lights turned off, and cry over sad, sad movies. Well, hey YOU... it's time to get your arse outta there and start living again.  (You can bet your sweet buns your ex is!) Rebound relationships come in real handy for this purpose. Let somebody who thinks you are really someone worth dating take you out on the town and away from your self-pitying, sob-fest.

4) Rebound relationships quite frequently turn into the greatest romance you'll ever have.

Rebounds can and do often times bloom into great and long-lasting romances. Mine is going on six-years now! Woo Hoo!

5) Rebound relationships can often help you reunite with your ex.

Even though they dumped you doesn't necessarily mean that they don't want you and that somebody else can have you! Oh, NO! Once they see you with that hot new guy or gal, or once they hear that you are dating again, and not at home whining over the loss of them, they will - most definitely - want you back! Forced jealousy does have its advantages, you betcha!

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