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Love and sad and touching poem, short sad poem


Six Days

In memory of
Randall Clayton Mercier
12-22-1990 to 6-20-2008

I've put this off
maybe I did not want to deal with it
the loss of you
the absence of you
from this hellish town
your six days
of under-deserved remorse
your memory
should be eternal
for angels never die
but at least be remembered more
than you were
at least for more than only six days

but you got just six days
of mourning
for all
your young years
here on Earth

six days is what you got

they still sometimes remember you
the lives you saved (yes you did!)
in your short time here
the people you touched
in your short time here
the hundreds of thank you's on your myspace page
for being there always

I see sad souls
sitting at the spot where you passed
and I know they hurt

I, myself, cannot go by there
I take a detour
So much pain.
I cannot take it
but sometimes I do for I have no other choice

Life gives us no choice
but to face our pain

for a whole six days
the people you touched
mourned you
for a whole six days
or should I say
for a mere six days

you shouldn't have had to go
like you did
but you did
could I have saved you?
could we have saved you?
you were so close
but a mere walk away
a measly half block, or maybe one block...
could we have made a difference?

for your seventeen years of love
you got only six days
but don't despair
you will live on
in the hearts
of all who loved you
for more than six days
this I am sure
so don't despair

my sons say you were beautiful
the best
the nicest
that, of all the people they know,
YOU deserved this the least

they question why, "why such a wonderful guy?"
they tell me stories of your wonder
and I hurt
you were good
what we all needed
so special

such a loss
to this world
your absence will create
but such a gift
to our heavens
your presence will be

If I have the faith.
Do I?

you were beautiful
this they told me
I can see from your pictures
angelic smiles
you've been in my house
yes, in my home
from the first grade on

you had such promise
and hope
and now
this place is such a wasteland

please know that you were loved
and appreciated
and that your essence will go on
at least in this heart

rest in peace, dear pure one
if anybody didn't deserve this demise
it was you

may justice be served!
Rot in burning hell
the one who did this to you
I hate you,
you evil one
what slime you are to take out this young man's life.
God may find forgiveness,
but I never will

to silence we scream
'ROT!' oh evil one
whose name is not worthy
of being typed on this keyboard

I wish I could undo
the horror of your last moments
I wish I could take the pain
from your family

but I can't

but may they know
that you were loved
more than mere words
can express

More than a mere six days

our friend,
our angel,

( Randall was just 17-years-old when he was stabbed multiple times and left to die in a ditch on June 20, 2008. Randall was so loved that over 400 people showed up for his service and over 500 for his candlelight vigil. [Randall is now in heaven with his sister, Felicia, who died just a mere few months before him at the age of 20 this November of Huntington's Disease. May God watch over their mother.] )

From his webpage:

"In December, 1990 a child was brought in to this world who would change people's lives forever. On June 20th of this year, he was tragically snatched away from all of us. Randall Clayton Mercier was brutally murdered. Two people, one of whom he trusted, took away a son, a brother, and a friend. Randall's life was stolen because of selfish acts of jealousy. And premeditated acts nonetheless. Life isn't going to be the same without Randall in it. There will be no longer be anyone who gave you the shoulder to lean on that Randall did. There will no longer be anyone to dry your tears the way Randall did. There isn't going to be anyone to make you laugh quite the way Randall did. There won't be a Randall to give you advice. There isn't going to be any of that, because there was no one quite like Randall. He was extraordinary in every way. He had a way of making someone feel like they did matter. Even when they were at their lowest point. Randall made it his business to make everyone a happier, better person. And I believe that was his mission in life. Was to care, cherish, and love every person who would let him close to them. Everyone is going to have their "what-if's" and their "maybe-if-i"'s. But we need to understand that, as tragically and horrible as he was taken away, he's in a better place. He is looking down on everyone right now and probably has a fatty smile on his face thinking "this was my life, these were my friends" and he's probably proud of what he accomplished. So here's to you Randall, for being the most amazing person to touch people's lifes in a way that some people will never be able to do. Rest in peace my friend, and make sure you watch over everyone who is hurting. We miss you."

"silhouettes dance within all of our hearts,
casting omnipresent shadows of you
and yet there remains an echo
an eerie silence of loneliness
deafened by dreaded emptiness
in a place you once tread

from visions of the past
our souls ache to know
that you're gone....

The Memories you shared with so many will never be forgotten, You touched so many hearts, in so many ways. I can't believe that someone so precious was taken away from all of us. Justice will be brought for you, Randall.

And David, and Megan [Meaghan] will pay for what the have done.

We all miss you terribly, and love you!"

Randall's Vigil

See the sad news report on YouTube


His 'alleged' murderers were demons undeservingly given the 'human' names of (Megan) Maeghan Rice and David Paulson, son of Steve "Packy" Paulson...if you want to keep up on his trial dates or see a pic of the bastard creep upon his admittance to the jail in Florence go to Pinal County Sheriff's Dept. and do an inmate search for 003238647 - oh, heck, I'll show you what the devil looks like

CR200801125 Murder 1St Deg-Premeditated $1,000,000.00 Secured Bond ARS13-1105A1 07/07/2008

Inmate search for 003236438

CR200801124 $250,000.00 Secured Bond 13-1105 06/24/2008

(she was smart enough to remember a 'code word' to murder)

You can follow the case when these two devils go on trial at this link: - but please note that this site isn't updated at all sometimes!

.UPDATE! Found guilty of 1st Degree Murder!

From the news:

The funeral services for a local teenager were held Tuesday after he died June 20 when a second teenager allegedly stabbed him to death with the help of the victim's 16-year-old (EX) girlfriend, according to the police.

The victim, 17-year-old Randall Mercier, died in front of a home (father of the accused!) on North Tomahawk Road after he stumbled out of a car, according to a police spokesperson.

Police believe Randall's (EX) girlfriend picked him up while the 17-year-old suspect (translation: F*N piece of shit that EVERYBODY hates cuz he is EVIL!) hid under a blanket in the backseat.

When she (the BITCH!) said a code word, the suspect leaped up and stabbed Randall (WELL OVER) 20 times.>

Randall then managed to get out of the car and walk a few feet, police said.

Randall's friend, Bo Bankhead, stopped by a roadside memorial on Tuesday afternoon.

"He was one of those guys you wanted to go up and meet because he was one of those sarcastic, funny, outgoing guys," Bo said.

"We were friends, and I can't believe someone would take his life. He didn't deserve to die that way."

The female suspect was arrested and is behind bars at a juvenile detention center.

The male suspect is undergoing extradition after fleeing to his mother's home in Salt Lake City, where he was found on Monday.

Police said the case is still under investigation and it is not certain whether the teens will be tried as adults.

Kanye West

Heartless (Get IT F'N Bitch?)

In the night, I hear 'em talk,

The coldest story ever told

Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul to a woman so heartless..

How could you be so heartless?

Oh.. How could you be so heartless?

Tigress Luv &
 Glass Sipper Publications



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