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by Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru & by Glass Slipper Publishing

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Getting Dumped Hurts ... A LOT!

The bad thing about getting dumped or abandoned is it costs us our self-esteem...

by Tigress Luv & Glass Slipper Publishing

The bad thing about getting dumped or abandoned is it costs us our self-esteem. We feel a full tidal wave of rejection bring us to our knees, sucking the wind out of our sails. We form an inner-hate and get caught in a self-destructive mode. We create - within ourselves - intense feelings of rejection, isolation, and a profound loss of love, acceptance, and control.

When we are dumped it creates a grief that is far more intense than the loss of love through death. With death the person who has died has not consciously elected to withdraw their love for you. They did not choose to leave you. With the death of a loved one you get a sense of closure and finalization. You get sympathy and understanding... you get support. Death has no possibilities of changing its mind! But when you are dumped the person who has 'dumped' you has made the conscious decision to withdraw their love from you and to desert you. They have rejected you, turned their back to you, and, often times, moved on to someone else. Getting 'dumped' hurts like hell. It sucker-punches the very air out of us and leaves us feeling alone, lost, and hopeless. We lose our very selves when the person we love makes the conscious decision to leave us.

The grief of being abandoned can quickly progress to extreme sadness, self doubt, insecurity, and fear. Abandonment drains our self-esteem. It can lead to depression, addictions, compulsions, and uncontrollable anxiety or panic attacks. In extreme cases, some are left with suicidal thoughts. If left unresolved, abandonment can interfere with - or even prevent - any healthy future relationships. Once in this cycle, we will often find ourselves abandoned over and over again, as we become either blocked from fully connecting to others, or struggle with extreme-attachment for fear of being abandoned again. We may accept abuse and infidelity, just to avoid feelings of abandonment. Sometimes we remain in a panic-like state of obsessiveness and hyper-vigilance towards our abandoner, or inner focused on our own pain and hurt. We often carry with us feelings of being deserted, needy, and demoralized. Eventually, our lack of self-control makes us feel like a victim within our own creation, causing self hatred, harm, or injury.

Curing the grief that surrounds you is to find happiness within you. Sounds impossible, but it isn't. It is not only very possible, it has been there all along. If it hadn't been you would have curled up in a ball at the foot of the one who left you, and died. And, yes, you might have felt that way, but did you do it? No! Because you still know, buried deep inside of you, that your ex was not the be-all to your life. And how do I know that? Because you are here, reading this, looking for answers to your pain. Searching for help to mend your abandoned self! You have the courage and the desire to 'continue on'. You believe in you, you have faith in life, and you are aware of your capacity to love again. A new and better life is not only possible, not only probable, but a plain and simple fact.

But right now, you just hurt. And you hurt badly. And you want to know why.

Well...look at it this way. You loved someone. You loved them very much. And they abandoned you. You thought the world of them and they crushed your heart and stole your dreams. Wow - so much power they be able to inflict such heavy and massive destruction to your well-being. And with this 'imposed' power they become almost 'God-like' to you. You subconsciously fear this power, and by fearing it, the object of your power - your ex - actually becomes almost like an obsession to you. You think about them all the time. You dream of them. They're the first thought in your head when you wake and the last when you go to sleep. And this constant dwelling confuses you. You actually come to believe that you love them and need them far more than you actually do.

And what about the one who abandoned you?

Here are some facts to ponder:

Some abandoners often times feel powerful in the fact that they can and have inflicted so much emotional pain on someone. They feel almighty in the knowledge that they have, alone, created such extensive devastation. They might even feel a heightened sense of self-importance. Sadly, their ego may be exaggerated as they witness either the begging and pleas, or the hopeless, lost agony coming from you.

Often abandoners will not openly admit to these feelings of triumph. Hiding these emotions, they will more often than not, tend to relay feeling of guilt or regret, either for causing the other person pain, or simply because they are 'sorry that the relationship didn't work out'.

However, for many abandoners the guilt is very real. To diminish their own guilt, and justify their decision to end the relationship, they will often point the finger away from them, blaming the other person (you) for the break up, or for the problems in the relationship. They will attempt to save their own face at all costs. Even at the cost of you. They often come off as callous, heartless, or cruel to the ones they left behind. Many 'dumpees' have come up to me and asked, "How can they just move on so easily, and not hurt like I do? How can someone who claimed they loved me just two weeks ago, this week announce to the world that I am a neurotic bitch?"

Although breakups are painful, let me point out that many who make the choice to leave and end a relationship do not set out directly to cause hurt and pain. Their main goal is to find happiness and personal fulfillment, not to directly cause hurt to someone they care about. When you can stop taking 'ownership' of another's choices and start to acknowledge that you are a lovable, worthy being, and that someday soon you will experience the unconditional love from another, will you find peace and acceptance in the end of a relationship and find the joyous anticipation of a new, and more stable love.

by Tigress Luv & Glass Slipper Publishing

Glass Slipper Publishing is the publisher of Tigress Luv's ebook, How to Get Over a Breakup, an instantly available online webBook and website, or ebook download, designed to help you understand and heal from a broken heart, and How to STOP a Breakup, also an instantly available webBook and website, or downloadable ebook, designed to help you STOP or reverse your breakup and get your ex back. Both are available on this site and are free when you join our breakup support community.

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Today's Inspiration, Poem or Quote:

"If we never felt sorrow, we'd never recognize bliss. At this rate I should be in a full state of bliss for the rest of my days." ~Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

Today's Prayer or Thought:


"The greatest thing about breakups is that beautiful, magical make-over we go through. Sometimes it's likened to a rebirth. Once we 'let go' of the grief and start to see things through rose-colored glasses again, we take on a whole new beautiful persona. Nothing is more beneficial to the soul that a good ol' healthy dose of broken heart. Without a broken heart we would never learn to love ourselves, to be self-dependent, to get to know who we are, and to stop and take a look at the 'world' that we never saw before: The magnificence of a sunrise, the awe of the stars, the smell of a fresh rain in the pine.

Broken hearts have a way of giving us not only a spiritual rebirth, but a personal one, too. We change our looks, our lifestyles, sometimes even our careers and location. And we do it all for ourselves. We don't have to 'ask' or even 'consider' a partner in our choices. If we want to paint our bathroom red we can do it! If we want to get plastic surgery, who cares! If we want to trade the old dependable Dodge in on a fancy new sports car. So be it! We don't have to answer to anybody! We can cut our hair, grow a beard, change the color of our contacts, and even get a nose job. We are reborn! And with this rebirth we come out better than ever. Thank God for breakups!
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