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The Emotions of a Break Up

Emotions of a Break Up

Tigress Luv

Many people say that the emotions of a break up are different for every person who experiences them. While that is generally true, there are also some emotions of a break up that nearly everybody experiences when a relationship turns sour. As difficult as the emotions of a break up may be, the good news is that they will eventually subside - even if you feel like those emotions are killing you right now.

Simply put, the emotions of a break up are not fun. In fact, they're outright horrible. Some of the most common emotions of a break up include sadness, misery, pain, anger, guilt, and self doubt. Additionally, the emotions of a break up can make you question your probability of ever being in an unbreakable relationship. Though all of these emotions of a break up are completely normal, there is one thing to remember. Your break up was not completely your fault and you should not treat it as such.

As you move through the emotions of a break up, you'll probably wonder what you did wrong, what you could have done differently, and what you did to deserve this kind of pain. The answer to all of those questions is the same: Nothing. Break ups do not happen overnight. They are spurred on by a series of events that could not be changed with a single action. Whether you did something wrong, had another chance to do something differently, or broke some kind of karmic law, the outcome would still be the same. Many things went wrong in your relationship so you would still have to go through the emotions of a break up right now. It might not be easy and it might not be fair, but it's an inevitable part of every break up.

Fortunately, the final emotion of a break up is usually acceptance. Even if you are still unhappy that your relationship did not work, you will eventually come to terms with what happened. Once that happens, all of the negative emotions of a break up that you previously felt should dissipate. You might still feel some sort of resentment towards your ex for years to come, but you will not feel the same level of resentment towards your former relationship. Most importantly, you will not feel the same level of resentment that you feel towards yourself during the initial stages of the emotions of a break up.

The day when you finally feel acceptance over your break up may not come for a while, but there is no need for you to fear. That day can and will come in the future - and when it does, your negative emotions of a break up will feel like nothing more than a bad dream.

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