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Breakup and Relationship Issues

by Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru & by Glass Slipper Publishing

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Depression After a Break-Up

Breakups, the blues, and depression. How to stop being sad!

Breakups and Depression...


By Tigress Luv &
Glass Slipper Publishing (You may join our mailing list by clicking here)

When our relationships fail we can get in an awfully bad slump of depression. Friends, family, and even casual acquaintances talk to us and we reply, sometimes pretending interest or feigning an excited or happy response - both of which we totally fabricate on the fly because our souls are so depressed that we wouldn't dare reveal them to anyone else. The truth be known, we could care less who is talking to us, and we could care even less what they are saying to us.

All we can think is "Oh, woe...this all sucks; my life sucks. Why don't they just shut up and leave me alone with my misery?"

Unfortunately, often times we can get 'comfortable' in this depressive state, and, before we know it, we are walking around with a permanent case of the blues ... a blues of which there is no cure for. We stop living in the minute - in the 'now' - and we drag our sad past or our dreaded future around with us everywhere we go.

In our report, 'The 45 Reasons Why He Dumped Your Ass', and in our report 'How to Win Back Their attraction' I talk about the 'now' moment. Both these reports can be found in this week's special offer for you at : Below is a condensed excerpt from these reports.

"When you drag around all your past injuries and injustices, all your yesterday woe, and all your worry and fretting about your tomorrow, you become U-G-L-Y! You drag people down with you and they do not want to be around you. [You drag yourself both down and under the fog even further, too!]

When you forget your tragic past, and learn to live in the moment - in the NOW - you create a happy, joyful magic energy that makes people radiate towards you, wanting to be closer to you.

When you drag around your bag of issues with you everywhere you go, you create an uncomfortable feeling in the people that are close to you. They soon become codependent on your bad mood and start feeling unhappy when they are around you. Their mental status is directly related to yours.

Create a magical energy! It doesn't matter what you look like, how successful you are in life, how compassionate, how intelligent, or how wonderful - if you don't have that special spark of 'energy' you're dead to others.

Remember my friend, Annalisa, from some of my ebooks? She possesses that magical energy."

If you feel negative on the inside, odds are you are not emitting that magical energy. Energy is like a magic aura that surrounds your being. A person can pick up on your energy just by watching you walk by. (Men, especially, are attracted by the vibes, the spark - he senses her 'energy' and it excites him.)

When you feel negative on the inside, you become negative on the outside. Both of these negativities feed off of each other and create an ominous outcome. You become 'stuck' in the blues.

Living in the moment and letting go of the past - a past which swallows up every one of your todays and your tomorrows - will bring you a peace of mind unlike no other, as well as making your blues instantly disappear and attracting the opposite sex to you like bees to honey.

Living in this 'moment' - and not yesterday's - makes you feel good about yourself. You become an optimistic and energetic person. When you are really feeling good about yourself - and when you really feel good about life, the world around you, and people in general - when you are in touch with this energized karma you tend to emit this 'energy' in every move you make. Energy is optimistic. It shows in your walk, your posture, your laugh. Your sparkle. You shine as only you can. That is a positive and attractive energy.

If you have a lifetime worth of unresolved issues clear them out of the way before you get involved with anyone. Never bring unresolved issues into a new relationship. Don't put them in a sack, sling them over your shoulder, and drag them around with you everywhere you go. Don't wear a big band-aid and judge every future mate you may meet on one bad experience in the past.

If you cannot clear away your issues, then bury them and be done with them. Stop dancing with ghosts.

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Today's Inspiration, Poem or Quote:

"You can take away my heart and you can take away my reason to wake up in the morning, but you can't take away my ability to take them right back from you." ~Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru

Today's Prayer or Thought:

"This week let me remember that my tomorrows are all there waiting for me to write them as I want them to be. My life from here forward is an open slate, and I am the author of it.

This week let me find the courage to move forth and write my own, fascinating new life story."  
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Thank you for reading this week's newsletter, Breakups, the blues, and depression. How to stop being sad! As always, we welcome feedback and new ideas for future newsletters.

Have a great week everyone!

Tigress Luv & Glass Slipper Publications


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