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Breakups and Bad Attitudes

The Bad Attitude Breakup - by the Breakup Gurus - Break Up
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The 'Bad Attitude' Breakup...

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Good week everyone! Well, this week we received an email from a subscriber who requested that we do more newsletters with tips for winning an ex back. Hmmm? I guess we have been lacking in that area lately !!! So we decided this week we would share a small excerpt from our ebook, "How to Win Back Their Attraction" (which can be found at Below is just one of the tips from a list of our many in the ebook! :)

The Breakup Attitude.

When it comes to winning back your attraction, remember that your attitude is everything. When we live in the sadness of our past experiences, or in the dread of the future, we get ATTITUDE! And it isn't a good one, either   - it's a BAD ATTITUDE, and we are all guilty of it. 

Our bad attitudes develop over years of disappointments and letdowns. It grows through our attempts at controlling others' thoughts and actions, and it escalates when we refuse to see that we actually have NO control over others.

We then feed our bad attitudes by resisting our present breakup situations, instead of accepting the life we have and the people we share our life with. Instead of living in the joy of each moment we obsessively dwell on our problems, and hardships. We over-think our lives and our problems, or we hide from our thoughts in numbing drugs or alcohol, or engage in other obsessive activities such as hobbies or shopping or even our jobs.

All in a feeble effort to escape our reality.

And, unfortunately, our reality is simply a collection of false concepts - the mere leftovers from bad experiences and past negative events that shaped the way we now see our reality. Our reality is never based on the here and now. It is never real.

It takes a change in the way we perceive things in order to reshape our reality and learn to let go and live in the moment... And get the attitude that attracts and not repels.

The best way to get rid of your bad attitude is to rewrite your life story. That is, rewrite it 'positively'. Sit down and write your life story - only leave all the negative stuff out and only write about the positive experiences and fun times you've had since you were born. You will be surprised how hard it is to remember good experiences because for some reason our minds tend to dwell on those times in our life where things didn't go quite right.

Bad attitudes and codependency often go hand in hand. The bad breakup attitude is caused by our failed efforts to change and control those around us, and by our inability to stop resisting what we don't like and accept it as it is.

To stop resisting your current situation, you need to surrender to the reality of it - and the reality of the players in it. They are who they are. You cannot control them. You cannot alter them. And you cannot change them by willing or demanding it to be so. The only time you will ever be able to change someone or something is by creating a change in yourself.

Also visit my advice on restoring a broken relationship!

NOTE: The article abovce is the Bad Attitude Breakup - by the Breakup Gurus - Break Up Support Blog and Newsletter

Section 2

Today's Inspiration, Poem or Quote:

"You are the moments of your life, so celebrate them!" ~ Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

Today's Prayer or Thought:

"See how perfect this moment can be. Stop your complaining, seek out the positive, and find the gift of beauty that surrounds you. Accept the moment for what it is, and stop trying to change, alter, or escape it. Just go with the flow of it and let it take you where it will! "
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Thank you for reading this week's newsletter! As always, we welcome feedback and new ideas for future newsletters.

Have a great week everyone!

Article published by Tigress Luv & Glass Slipper publishing, the Breakup Gurus. For more breakup advice and forums please join us at the Lifted Hearts Breakup Support Forums & Community at

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