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breakup guru Daily Break Up Inspiration By Tigress Luv
The Breakup Guru


Today's Breakup Advice
from Tigress Luv

"We do not quite forgive a giver. The hand that feeds us is in some danger of being bitten." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

“There is no sadder word in the human language than the word ‘goodbye’.” ~Tigress Luv



One word. That’s all it takes to bring our world to a crashing end – and to make it appear to be much worse than it really is. Unfortunately, this is because loss creates a false sense of need, importance, and desire for that of which we have lost.

We tend to romanticize our ex – anybody who has that much power to destroy us with just ‘one word’ surely must be larger than life (at least that’s how they may appear to our shattered souls and broken hearts).

Nevertheless, grief over a love lost has a way of making the most normal, common person seem to be far more valuable than they truly were.

Whether we label it romanticizing, glamorizing or even idealizing, we still do it. We conjure up visions of a man or woman so hallowed that their feet don’t even touch the ground. We revere them; honor them with far more credits than they deserve.

Today we take off those rose-colored glasses and see the real person that our ex truly was. We realistically question our esteem: “Just what was so great about them?” I bet if we really analyze it we will see that they were not the greatest person to ever grace this earth – and that they really weren’t that paramount to our lives.

It's so funny, but still a fact, that no one ever gave you breakup advice by saying that your ex was a great catch.

~~ Today I will not romanticize my ex. I will see him or her as the real person that they are, complete with defects and failures, imperfections and inadequacies. Today I will understand that the loss of them in my life may make me feel like they were more eminent than they actually were.

Just for today I will see my ex in a true light. I will acknowledge that they had faults, flaws, and blemishes that my grieving heart refused to see. Just for today I will understand that there is a better, more grand love that is out there waiting for me. ~~


“When you place someone high upon a pedestal it makes them an easy target – for your love.” ~Tigress Luv (find more break up quotes here)

“The world is full of people whose notion of a satisfactory future is, in fact a return to the idealized past.” ~Robertson Davies

“If you want me to grieve the loss of you, you must first become worthy of such grief.” ~Tigress Luv

All Daily Breakup Inspirations are written by Tigress Luv. To read yesterday's inspiration and breakup advice, or click here to read all her breakup advice inspirations ... for more relationship and break up advice from Tigress Luv stroll to the sidebars for navigational links to her articles, newsletters, poems and quotes on breaking up ... and more!

crying breakup tears

If she cried this much for you, you just lost the best thing you'll ever have. ~Tigress Luv, for How to Mend a Breakup Heart

She works hard keeping in shape; denying herself sweets and even that dash of cream in her coffee.

She dressed up in your favorite outfit and she spent hours doing her hair and putting on her makeup. She checked in the mirror at least three final times before she left to meet up with you.

Inside her heart she's sweet and kind and worships you. She's faithful and gentle and loyal and true. She rubs your back and makes all your favorite food dishes. She overlooks your flaws.

And. She just got dumped. By you.

But in the end you lose. And a million others guys know this. And once her heart stops breaking, she'll wipe the mascara-stained tears off of her face and move on with her life.

But. Still. You'll always be. The loser.


By Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

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